This is sometimes the "category" of "category" pages. Categories are a way of organizing pages. "Tag" is another popular name for categories, see also TagTag, HashTag & #tag. In gmail tags are called "labels". "keyword" is sometimes another name for categories. There is more than one way to do it. When a page includes the name of a category, it becomes a "categorized" page, aka a "tagged" page. For example, #help could be the category/tag of help pages. See CategoryHelp (the actual tag). How you name categories is up to you. CategoryCategory is the old way (academic), TagTag is more recent (casual), #tag is twitter style (short & convenient). When you visit a "category" page, the "Links" section (shown at the bottom of the page) shows some recently visited pages that belongs to that category (ie pages where the category name appears). CategoryHelp

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