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+++++"Simple things should be easy, complex things should be possible" -- Alan Key To make "complex things" possible, SimpliWiki comes with an API. To make complex things easy, SimpliWiki uses Angular. See HelpAngular. To let the world enjoy this, the software platform of SimpliWiki is "open source". See ----- The javascript API provides a few functions: +++sw_api( cid, url, _$ ) "cid" specifies the client id. ----- Use "anonymous" to visit the wiki as a guest. Use null to visit using the current session (this works for local applications only). Use some other valid id to visit on behalf of that client. "url" specifies the url to use. ----- It is utilized for HTTP GET requests. It defaults to "/rest". You need to change that if you use the API in a client on a different domain or in a NodeJs server for example. "_$" overrides the default $ from jQuery ---- The API's implementation relies on "_$.get( url, data, callback)" behaving like it does with jQuery. Return: ------- sw_api() returns an object with the following members: +++.getSession() Provides informations about the current session. +++.getPage( page, cb ) Reads a page from the wiki, cached. +++.clearPageCache( page ) Removes cached data about a page. If no page is provided, the whole cache is cleared. +++.putPage( page, body, data, cb ) Writes a page in the wiki. +++.appendPage( page, body, cb ) Adds content to a page in the wiki. ----- The API is implemented using HTTP GET requests. See ----- There is a basic example, using Angular, see AngularApiExample1 See also HelpAngular CategoryHelp @jhr - @jhr -

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