Some pages include "directives", see HelpDirective. Although their meaning can vary, here are general guidelines about some of the more frequent directives. Together with some pages that use them. +++notify This directive is a list of messages to display in the "notification" area of the page. Messages are separated with a dot + a space. This can be useful to provide links for navigation. +++cssStyle Either the name of a page with CSS code in it or the url (web address) of an external css file. When specified in a page, this directive defines what style to apply to pages from now on. Note: use "cssStyle: no" to revert to the original style. When specified in AboutWiki, it defines what style to apply to all pages (until some page says otherwise, if ever). See also CssStyles +++email an email address. ToDoExportToDropBox +++password a password. ToDoExportToDropBox @jhr -

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