previous: HelpSimpliWiki > SimpliWikiDoc Hide secrets: 1) Create a "Map" page 2) List the invited users (including yourself) 3) Optionnal: list "Secret" pages Send the invitation code (the name of the map) Please use "hard to guess" names for "Map" pages and "Secret" pages Send a message to someone: Write the message on his/her page Send a private message to someone: 1) Create a "UserXxxxx" page 2) Add the recipient's name on the first line 3) Tell the recipient about the message Backup all my pages: 1) Add "DoHtmlPages" in one of your pages 2) Click on it 3) Use your browser to save the html page Ask for help: Ask a curator. See LocalCurator. CategoryHelp @jhr - @jhr - @jhr -

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