HelpSimpliWiki > SimpliWikiDoc > This wiki is made of related pages. Pages are related because of WikiWords "links" between them. Rules about a page's name set who can read or change that page. *normal* pages are pages that everybody can read and change (but as a draft only, a registered users, ie a member, can stamp or clear the change). *Public* pages (whose name starts with Public) are pages that everybody can change. *Guest* pages are pages that guests can read but cannot change. --- restricted --- *User* pages are private. The owner is on the very first line of the page. *Member* pages are for registered members only. *Private* pages are for curators only. *Secret* pages are accessible only from a "map" page. Even if you know the secret name of the page, you must read the map first (??? See HelpSecrets???). *Map* pages are for some recipients whose names are listed on the map or on some other related maps (??? See HelpMaps???). In "closed" wikis, normal pages behave like member pages, ie only members can read them. In "very open" wikis, normal pages behave like public pages, ie everybody can change them. See also AboutWiki about "open" versus "closed" wikis (curators only). --- special --- *Read* pages are read only, unless curator. *Toc* tables of content display many pages. See also SignIn, WikiNameForUsers & WikiNameForPages. --- examples --- NormalExamplePage PublicExamplePage GuestExamplePage ReadExamplePage TocExamplePage UserExamplePage MemberExamplePage PrivateExamplePage -- curators only MapExamplePage XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX To copy the examples, change the page's name "ExamplePage" into whatever name suits your needs. CategoryHelp @jhr -

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