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SimpliWiki is a simplified wiki processor - go to - enter the name for your wiki - click "Wiki!" - voilĂ ! Even more simple: - go to - click "Wiki!" Even even more simple: - kidding, we could not simplify further ++ Sure. But what is it? SimpliWiki is a tool, to create wikis. Wikipedia is the most famous wiki. It is also the largest one. Wikimedia was also created using a tool, called "mediawiki". "mediawiki" is a good tool to create large wikis. But for smaller wikis, SimpliWiki is easier to use, it is more accessible to beginners, it is not for "experts" only. If you are an expert in contact with beginners, you for sure know that wikis are still too difficult to use for most people. SimpliWiki is a simplified wiki editor, with all the essential features, but only the essential features. To try it: a guest - @jhr undefined - @jhr undefined - @jhr undefined -

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