Deprecated. Please see AboutWiki PrivateConfig To "close" this wiki, please click DoClosedWiki. This will change "PrivatecuratorWiki" (by default) into "PrivateClosedWiki" in the text above ----- You control the "openess" or "closeness" of your wiki. This is specially important when the name of your wiki is not a secret. See HelpPublicPages Use of DoOpenWiki PrivateOpenWiki -- very open wikis In "open" wikis, changes from both guests and members are "drafts" only if sent this way by the author, else the change is permanent Beware: this means that *anybody* can change *anything* in open wikis! Use of DocuratorWiki PrivatecuratorWiki -- less open wikis "less open" wikis require curator stamped invitation codes to validate members and guest's changes Until their invitation code is stamped by a curator, changes from invited members are just "drafts", much like changes from guests. See InvitationCode and DraftCode Don't lock yourself out! Remember to register yourself as a curator before closing the door. See SimpliWikiDoc Use of DoClosedWiki PrivateClosedWiki -- very closed wikis If you want to close a wiki even more, mention PrivateClosedWiki. On such wikis, guests can only visit "Public" and "Guest" pages, ie regular pages can be visited by members of the wiki only Valid content (all optional): Openness: - open: false for very closed wikis only - veryOpen: true or false Look: - rows: less rows means bigger characters, try 20 - cols: number of columns, default is 50 - lang: either "en" or "fr" (english or french) - title: turn 3xy-abc-456 into a nice title CategoryHelp

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