++"SimpliWiki, just wikis" SimpliWiki is a simplified wiki for everybody. +++features - *dead* /simple/ "markup" _language_ -wysiwyg- - some privacy (secrets, treasure maps)(???See HelpSecrets & HelpMaps???) - change control (stamps on drafts, history) - backups (periodic, on demand, dropbox) +++mottos (???See SimpliWikiDifference???) - wikis are there to stay - wiki is a verb - usability is simplicity (less is more & worse is better)(??? en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minimalism#Minimalist_design en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Worse_is_better ???) - simple things should be easy (complex things should be possible, Alan Key) --- cssStyle: SimpliWikiStyle notify: HelpSimpliWiki. ReadAboutSimpliWiki. simpliwiki.com @jhr - @jhr -

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