HelpSimpliWiki > SimpliWikiDoc > Simpli Wiki has special pages built in: UserSomeGuest - your personal page RecentStamps - recent changes Drafts - draft changes YourStamps - your changes Members - recent visiting members Recent visits - recent visits DoListReferences - list links to pages DoHtmlPages - export pages in HTML format DoHtmlPage - idem, one single page DisplayModes - to change the page layout AboutWiki - wiki customization PrivateCodes - invitation codes & members DoConfig - current session's config Debug/management mode only: DoHistory - your recently visited pages DoClearHistory - forgets recently visited pages DoDebugDomains - about traces DoDebugInspector - about live data DoDumpSession - about current session DoDumpSessions - about recent visitors DoHttpVisits - idem, less cryptic DoDumpPages - all visited pages and their content DoListPages - list of most pages DoDumpProcess - about running NodeJS server DoDumpEnv - about environnment variables DoDumpErrors - about errors in the wiki DoDumpAlarms - about errors in sub wikis DoDumpCounters - statistics DoShutdown - kill process -- obsolete -- DoDebugOff - turns off debug traces DoDebugOn - turns on debug traces DoDebugTail - show last debug traces DoShellScripts -- runs ShellScripts CategoryHelp

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