+++To create a new page 1- choose a name for your page 2- write it somewhere, in NewPage maybe 3- visit your new page and change its content +++To create a new wiki 1- choose a name for your wiki 2- go to simpliwiki.com 3- type the name and click "wiki!" +++To keep a backup (Jun 2014, this is broken) 1- go to one of your wikis 2- go to DropBox ---------- There are 3 kinds of visitors: - guests, anonymous or not - members, aka "registered users" - curators, who "own" wikis (aka administrators) As a twitter user, you are automatically curator/owner of the wikis you create or whose name includes your name (your twitter name). Otherwise, to claim ownership, register yourself, go to NewMember. --------- ++Guest visitors - edit and then click "Send". Other visitors will see the change as a "draft" until some registered member "stamps" it - use _some underline_ *strong* -strike- /italic/ !less! is "more" - feel free to try, you can't break anything, wikis are robust by nature +++To register 1- go to NewMember, edit to enter your name 2- find your personal page (next to "bye") 3- present yourself & ask for membership 4- wait for approval by a curator See also see sign in --------- ++Members - use WikiWords to link pages. See HelpPublicPages - watch for "drafts", either stamp or trash them - use "Archive" in edit pages to save a page, use "History" to get back to a safe older version - install the BookmarkLet See also SimpliWikiTools --------- ++curators (owners) +++To register a new member 1- Go to NewMember, edit to enter the name 2- write some welcome message on the member's "User" page (aka the member's personal page) Note: please use @twitter names, not real name. If member is a recent visitor, find visit, maybe in draft pages (Recent visits, Drafts). See also SimpliWikiAdminTools ------ next: HelpHowTo > CategoryHelp --- notify: NewPage. NewMember. NewWiki. CategoryHelp. HelpHowTo @jhr - @jhr - @jhr -

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