++What is the problem? Wikis are great, yet few people use them. ++Who has this problem? If you are enthusiastic about wikis and want everybody around you to use them, what wiki service can you advice? Most popular wiki softwares were created a few years ago, in 2006-2007. They were rather easy to use compared to what was available before. Unfortunately, instead of getting simpler, they all got more complex. Some big players could not monetize their "free" wikis and pivoted to other markets. As a result, none of the current hosted wiki solutions is simple enough for the new generation of people that is discovering the Internet, the "facebook" generation. ++What is your solution? SimpliWiki introduces the concept of "micro wikis", much like tumblr and posterous introduced the concept of "micro blogs". The idea is to offer a tool that is simple to use because it focuses on the essential aspects of what a wiki really is, versus the "bells and whistles" See also SimpliWikiDifference and ReadAboutSimpliWiki --- notify: SimpliWiki. simpliwiki.com @jhr - @jhr -

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