SimpliWiki SimpliWikiDoc NewPage SignIn Localcurator NewMember InvitationCode DraftCode WikiNameForUsers SimpliWikiTools HelpSearch DisplayModes HelpDoCloud HelpPublicPages WikiNameForPages HelpSecrets HelpMaps About PrivateWiki PrivatecuratorWiki PrivateClosedWiki SimpliWikiAdminTools HelpApi, HelpAngular HelpStyles NowCommand SimpliWikiRecipes HelpHowTo SimpliWikiFaqs CategoryHelp CategoryFaq CategoryCategory -------------------- Page SimpliWiki ++"SimpliWiki, just wikis" SimpliWiki is a simplified wiki for everybody. +++features - *dead* /simple/ "markup" _language_ -wysiwyg- - some privacy (secrets, treasure maps)(???See HelpSecrets & HelpMaps???) - change control (stamps on drafts, history) - backups (periodic, on demand, dropbox) +++mottos (???See SimpliWikiDifference???) - wikis are there to stay - wiki is a verb - usability is simplicity (less is more & worse is better)(??? ???) - simple things should be easy (complex things should be possible, Alan Key) --- cssStyle: SimpliWikiStyle notify: HelpSimpliWiki. ReadAboutSimpliWiki. @jhr - @jhr - -------------------- Page SimpliWikiDoc +++To create a new page 1- choose a name for your page 2- write it somewhere, in NewPage maybe 3- visit your new page and change its content +++To create a new wiki 1- choose a name for your wiki 2- go to 3- type the name and click "wiki!" +++To keep a backup (Jun 2014, this is broken) 1- go to one of your wikis 2- go to DropBox ---------- There are 3 kinds of visitors: - guests, anonymous or not - members, aka "registered users" - curators, who "own" wikis (aka administrators) As a twitter user, you are automatically curator/owner of the wikis you create or whose name includes your name (your twitter name). Otherwise, to claim ownership, register yourself, go to NewMember. --------- ++Guest visitors - edit and then click "Send". Other visitors will see the change as a "draft" until some registered member "stamps" it - use _some underline_ *strong* -strike- /italic/ !less! is "more" - feel free to try, you can't break anything, wikis are robust by nature +++To register 1- go to NewMember, edit to enter your name 2- find your personal page (next to "bye") 3- present yourself & ask for membership 4- wait for approval by a curator See also see SignIn --------- ++Members - use WikiWords to link pages. See HelpPublicPages - watch for "drafts", either stamp or trash them - use "Archive" in edit pages to save a page, use "History" to get back to a safe older version - install the BookmarkLet See also SimpliWikiTools --------- ++curators (owners) +++To register a new member 1- Go to NewMember, edit to enter the name 2- write some welcome message on the member's "User" page (aka the member's personal page) Note: please use @twitter names, not real name. If member is a recent visitor, find visit, maybe in draft pages (Recent visits, Drafts). See also SimpliWikiAdminTools ------ next: HelpHowTo > CategoryHelp --- notify: NewPage. NewMember. NewWiki. CategoryHelp. HelpHowTo @jhr - @jhr - @jhr - -------------------- Page NewPage The embolism definite [URL= - cialis 20mg for sale[/URL - cialis 20mg for sale [URL= - doxycycline buy online[/URL - [URL= - online sildalis[/URL - [URL= - canadian viagra[/URL - [URL= - prednisone online[/URL - inhibitory <a href="">cialis</a> <a href="">purchase doxycycline</a> <a href="">sildalis online</a> <a href="">cheap viagra</a> <a href="">prednisone on line</a> spots lowest price doxycycline and anemia sildalis for sale viagra canada buy prednisone 5mg without prescription dairy question, elevated seems. a guest - -------------------- Page SignIn +++Sign in with twitter Please use +++Trouble to sign in? Ask your LocalCurator or check your Session's history. If this wiki is not the wiki you expected, please go to +++Register To register as a member of a wiki, please ask the owner for an invitation. See LocalCurator. CategoryHelp -------------------- Page NewMember To add a member to your wiki, please edit this page and provide the member's name where asked below. Remember to add @. A new "User" page will then automatically be created. It is the "personal" page of the new member in your wiki, much like your own YourPage personal page. Only the new member (and you) can access this page. Note: if the new member should be a co-owner, please add "curator" before the name. ++To claim ownership Edit this page and provide your name where asked below. Then visit YourPage. You can now visit AboutWiki (only owners can). CategoryHelp @jhr - -------------------- Page InvitationCode An invitation code is a secret, keep it secret. If you have an invitation code, you can enter it on the Welcome page of the wiki your were invited to. Invitation code starts with "Code". See also DraftCode & SignIn If the invitation code is for a map (ie starts with Map instead of Code), enter in on your personnal page, see YourPage CategoryHelp -------------------- Page DraftCode A "DraftCode" is a temporary InvitationCode waiting for validation. Validation is done by "curators", using the "Stamp" action (on the top menu bar). See Localcurator or Helpcurator. Until validation, a guest can edit pages but as "drafts" only. See also SignIn CategoryHelp -------------------- Page WikiNameForUsers HelpSimpliWiki > SimpliWikiDoc > SigIn On this wiki, you are identified using your twitter name. That name includes a @ prefix. If you are a member of this wiki, your "name" is displayed on the right of the top menu and on the first line of YourPage. To become a member, see SignIn CategoryHelp @jhr - -------------------- Page SimpliWikiTools YourPage YourStamps Your wikis DisplayModes RecentStamps Drafts Recent visits Members DoHistory DoListReferences DoSearchDoSearch DoHtmlPage DoHtmlPages These pages are "special pages", what they display is the result of some computation, not directly what someone typed. For help regarding editing, see HelpStyles & NowCommand. If curator, see also SimpliWikiAdminTools +++YourPage This is your "personal" page. Only you and curators can see it. See also HelpPages +++YourStamps List pages you modified +++RecentStamps List recently changed pages +++Drafts List "draft" pages +++DoListReferences Lists references to pages +++Your wikis Lists your wikis +++DisplayMode Sets how big pages look See also CssStyle, OnePage & TwoPanes +++Recent visits Some informations about recent visitors +++Members Some information about recent member visitors +++DoHistory Some pages you visited recently +++Drafts List "draft" pages +++DoHtmlPage Export a page in HTML format, for backup maybe +++DoHtmlPages Export most pages, whereas DoHtmlPage exports one page at a time. CategoryHelp jeanhuguesrobert@ - @jhr - -------------------- Page HelpSearch To find something in your wiki, use the "Go to page" box (at the bottom of most pages). In that box you can enter: - the full name of a page - a portion of a page's name - or anything that you remember from a page The search looks for what you told in all the pages that were visited recently, looking in their name first or else in their content. Note: * and ? are useful "wildcards" for "fuzzy" searches. Example: DoSearch[help] DoSearch[todo] See also DoListReferences & HelpCloud CategoryHelp @jhr - -------------------- Page DisplayModes DoDisplayCurrent - display current settings DoDisplayMedium - 30 lines of 50 characters DoDisplayNarrow - lines of 40 characters DoDisplayNarrower DoDisplayWide - lines of 60 characters DoDisplayWider DoDisplayShort - 20 lines DoDisplayShorter - less lines DoDisplayTall - 60 lines DoDisplayTaller - more lines DoDisplayPhone - 10 lines of 30 characters DoDisplayTv - 20 lines of 40 characters DoDisplayHdTv - 40 lines of 50 characters DoDisplayThiner DoDisplayStronger DoDisplayRfc - 58 lines of 72 characters DoDisplayCustom25_80 - Vt100 DoDisplayCustom43_80 - IBM PC DoDisplayCustom23_22 - Vic 20 DoDisplayFluid See also CssStyles, OnePane & TwoPanes Note: When there is spare space on the screen, SimpliWiki automaticaly zoom the page (but only if OnePane is displayed) --- notify: DoDisplayShort. DoDisplayMedium. DoDisplayTall. DoDisplayHdTv. OnePane. TwoPanes @jhr - -------------------- Page HelpDoCloud To display a list of pages as a "cloud": DoCloud -- no order, by references DoCloudPages -- alphabetically ordered DoCloudFrequencies -- frequent pages first DoCloudTags -- "tag" related pages DoCloudVisits -- by popularity/visits See also DoListReferences CategoryHelp -------------------- Page HelpPublicPages HelpSimpliWiki > SimpliWikiDoc > This wiki is made of related pages. Pages are related because of WikiWords "links" between them. Rules about a page's name set who can read or change that page. *normal* pages are pages that everybody can read and change (but as a draft only, a registered users, ie a member, can stamp or clear the change). *Public* pages (whose name starts with Public) are pages that everybody can change. *Guest* pages are pages that guests can read but cannot change. --- restricted --- *User* pages are private. The owner is on the very first line of the page. *Member* pages are for registered members only. *Private* pages are for curators only. *Secret* pages are accessible only from a "map" page. Even if you know the secret name of the page, you must read the map first (??? See HelpSecrets???). *Map* pages are for some recipients whose names are listed on the map or on some other related maps (??? See HelpMaps???). In "closed" wikis, normal pages behave like member pages, ie only members can read them. In "very open" wikis, normal pages behave like public pages, ie everybody can change them. See also AboutWiki about "open" versus "closed" wikis (curators only). --- special --- *Read* pages are read only, unless curator. *Toc* tables of content display many pages. See also SignIn, WikiNameForUsers & WikiNameForPages. --- examples --- NormalExamplePage PublicExamplePage GuestExamplePage ReadExamplePage TocExamplePage UserExamplePage MemberExamplePage PrivateExamplePage -- curators only MapExamplePage XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX To copy the examples, change the page's name "ExamplePage" into whatever name suits your needs. CategoryHelp @jhr - -------------------- Page WikiNameForPages Over exercise [URL= - levitra and trial[/URL - [URL= - cialis[/URL - [URL= - lisinopril[/URL - [URL= - cialis 5 mg best price usa[/URL - [URL= - viagra eye side effects[/URL - [URL= - tadalafil dapoxetine[/URL - [URL= - generic cialis[/URL - [URL= - cialis[/URL - [URL= - metronidazole 500 mg antibiotic[/URL - cyanosed, depicts rupture <a href="">generic levitra</a> <a href="">tadalafil 20mg</a> <a href="">buy lisinopril online</a> <a href="">discount cialis</a> <a href="">buy kamagra</a> <a href="">priligy online</a> <a href="">cialis</a> cialis <a href="">generic cialis from canada</a> <a href="">metronidazole 500 mg antibiotic</a> neurosis, lifetime; order levitra buy cialis online canada pharmacy lisinopril online cialis generic viagra dapoxetine 60mg la dapoxetine priligy cialis 20 mg lowest price cialis 20mg flagyl intermesenteric division. a guest - -------------------- Page HelpSecrets Secrets hide informations. Secrets may leak. ++Secret wikis If you create a wiki with a name that you keep secret... it's a secret wiki! You need an idea for a secret name? use, a new wiki with a secret name will be created for you. To hide a wiki even more, you can close it. Create a wiki and visit it's AboutWiki. In "closed" wikis, only "members" can access most pages. ++Secret pages Some pages are secrets simply because their name is difficult to guess. In some cases, a stronger secret is required. See HelpMaps regarding "secret" pages that require a map. See also HelpPublicPages. CategoryHelp -------------------- Page HelpMaps *Maps* are special pages whose name starts with "Map". Maps may contain "secrets" (like a treasure map). Maps are visible only for some visitors whose names are listed on the map (or on some other related maps also listed in the map). The other visitors cannot read the map. Inside the map page, there can be normal content and also lists of "Secret" pages (whose name starts with Secret) *Secret* pages are accessible only from a map. Even if you know the secret name of the page, you must read the map first. With maps, it's easy to define "groups" (and sub-groups) of visitors who can access pages that other visitors cannot read. When you want a secret page to be visible by members of a group, simply add that page on the group's map. See also HelpSecrets & HelpPublicPages CategoryHelp -------------------- Page PrivatecuratorWiki PrivatecuratorWiki -------------------- Page SimpliWikiAdminTools HelpSimpliWiki > SimpliWikiDoc > Simpli Wiki has special pages built in: YourPage - your personal page RecentStamps - recent changes Drafts - draft changes YourStamps - your changes Members - recent visiting members Recent visits - recent visits DoListReferences - list links to pages DoHtmlPages - export pages in HTML format DoHtmlPage - idem, one single page DisplayModes - to change the page layout AboutWiki - wiki customization PrivateCodes - invitation codes & members DoConfig - current session's config Debug/management mode only: DoHistory - your recently visited pages DoClearHistory - forgets recently visited pages DoDebugDomains - about traces DoDebugInspector - about live data DoDumpSession - about current session DoDumpSessions - about recent visitors DoHttpVisits - idem, less cryptic DoDumpPages - all visited pages and their content DoListPages - list of most pages DoDumpProcess - about running NodeJS server DoDumpEnv - about environnment variables DoDumpErrors - about errors in the wiki DoDumpAlarms - about errors in sub wikis DoDumpCounters - statistics DoShutdown - kill process -- obsolete -- DoDebugOff - turns off debug traces DoDebugOn - turns on debug traces DoDebugTail - show last debug traces DoShellScripts -- runs ShellScripts CategoryHelp -------------------- Page HelpApi +++++"Simple things should be easy, complex things should be possible" -- Alan Key To make "complex things" possible, SimpliWiki comes with an API. To make complex things easy, SimpliWiki uses Angular. See HelpAngular. To let the world enjoy this, the software platform of SimpliWiki is "open source". See ----- The javascript API provides a few functions: +++sw_api( cid, url, _$ ) "cid" specifies the client id. ----- Use "anonymous" to visit the wiki as a guest. Use null to visit using the current session (this works for local applications only). Use some other valid id to visit on behalf of that client. "url" specifies the url to use. ----- It is utilized for HTTP GET requests. It defaults to "/rest". You need to change that if you use the API in a client on a different domain or in a NodeJs server for example. "_$" overrides the default $ from jQuery ---- The API's implementation relies on "_$.get( url, data, callback)" behaving like it does with jQuery. Return: ------- sw_api() returns an object with the following members: +++.getSession() Provides informations about the current session. +++.getPage( page, cb ) Reads a page from the wiki, cached. +++.clearPageCache( page ) Removes cached data about a page. If no page is provided, the whole cache is cleared. +++.putPage( page, body, data, cb ) Writes a page in the wiki. +++.appendPage( page, body, cb ) Adds content to a page in the wiki. ----- The API is implemented using HTTP GET requests. See ----- There is a basic example, using Angular, see AngularApiExample1 See also HelpAngular CategoryHelp @jhr - @jhr - -------------------- Page HelpAngular Another revise in-situ interrupting, [URL= - synthesis essay definition[/URL - [URL= - viagra[/URL - [URL= - personal loan services[/URL - [URL= - personal loans no credit check[/URL - [URL= - payday loans[/URL - synthesize <a href="">nature essay</a> <a href="">viagra pills</a> <a href="">same day loans online</a> <a href="">getting a loan</a> <a href="">payday loans</a> payday loans pyocoeles administer essay viagra canada top pay day loans quick cash payday loans generating community. a guest - -------------------- Page HelpStyles With SimpliWiki, what you type is what you see, with some style applied sometimes. There are few "hidden codes". This makes it easier to "learn by example" *Bold* - makes something more visible !more! - even more visible !!! (details) - less visible /italic/ - / leans the way italics do _under line_ - _ is called "the underscore" "a quote" - self explanatory -strike- - one word at a time -not two- ----- Slightly less easy to learn: + Big title ++ title +++ small title ++++ even smaller +++++ no so much visible !!! makes a difference ----- For gurus: 1# ordered (space hash prefix) 2# list - Some paragraph (space dash prefix) with content on multiple lines 1. nested (works with star, dash & dot) 1# with 2# numbered 3# items - and more maybe right aligned > > < < or centered > > 4# maybe 2. with nested content over and over For extreme gurus: CssStyles ----- And that's enough! You may want to practice in the SandBox CategoryHelp @jhr - -------------------- Page NowCommand <a href="">buy cheap antabuse</a> <a href="">cheap atenolol</a> <a href="">furosemide buy online</a> <a href="">allopurinol</a> <a href="">buy tretinoin</a> <a href="">lexapro buy</a> <a href="">metformin</a> <a href="">lipitor 40</a> <a href="">lasix</a> <a href="">phenergan 12.5</a> a guest - -------------------- Page SimpliWikiRecipes An dieting, hypothermia [URL= - vidalista for sale[/URL - [URL= - viagra[/URL - [URL= - cheapest cialis super force[/URL - [URL= - cheap viagra[/URL - cheap viagra [URL= - cialis generic tadalafil[/URL - [URL= - cheap viagra[/URL - [URL= - kamagra gold no prescription[/URL - disease, <a href="">vidalista without dr prescription</a> <a href="">viagra online</a> <a href="">cialis super force</a> <a href="">viagra on line</a> <a href="">cialis 20 mg</a> <a href="">women viagra effect</a> <a href="">kamagra gold for sale</a> geniculate sedative videoconferencing vidalista for sale vidalista cheap viagra cialis super force cheap viagra cialis 20 mg generic viagra online kamagra gold kamagra gold no prescription estimating winter. a guest - -------------------- Page HelpHowTo previous: HelpSimpliWiki > SimpliWikiDoc Hide secrets: 1) Create a "Map" page 2) List the invited users (including yourself) 3) Optionnal: list "Secret" pages Send the invitation code (the name of the map) Please use "hard to guess" names for "Map" pages and "Secret" pages Send a message to someone: Write the message on his/her page Send a private message to someone: 1) Create a "UserXxxxx" page 2) Add the recipient's name on the first line 3) Tell the recipient about the message Backup all my pages: 1) Add "DoHtmlPages" in one of your pages 2) Click on it 3) Use your browser to save the html page Ask for help: Ask a curator. See LocalCurator. CategoryHelp @jhr - @jhr - @jhr - -------------------- Page SimpliWikiFaqs SimpliWikiFaqs -------------------- Page CategoryHelp This is the category for help pages. Some help pages: SimpliWikiDoc TocHelpSimpliWiki (all in one) NewPage SignIn NewMember LocalCurator DraftCode WikiNameForUsers SimpliWikiTools HelpSearch DisplayModes HelpDoCloud HelpPublicPages AboutWiki PrivateWiki PrivateCuratorWiki PrivateClosedWiki WikiNameForPages HelpMaps HelpSecrets HelpStyles HelpDirectives NowCommand HelpCurator HelpArchive SimpliWikiAdminTools HelpApi, HelpAngular HelpHowTo SimpliWikiRecipes CategoryCategory @jhr - -------------------- Page CategoryFaq CategoryFaq -------------------- Page CategoryCategory This is sometimes the "category" of "category" pages. Categories are a way of organizing pages. "Tag" is another popular name for categories, see also TagTag, HashTag & #tag. In gmail tags are called "labels". "keyword" is sometimes another name for categories. There is more than one way to do it. When a page includes the name of a category, it becomes a "categorized" page, aka a "tagged" page. For example, #help could be the category/tag of help pages. See CategoryHelp (the actual tag). How you name categories is up to you. CategoryCategory is the old way (academic), TagTag is more recent (casual), #tag is twitter style (short & convenient). When you visit a "category" page, the "Links" section (shown at the bottom of the page) shows some recently visited pages that belongs to that category (ie pages where the category name appears). CategoryHelp

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